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Tag: nintendo switch

Super Wiloo Demake

We preview level 1 of Super Wiloo Demake, an indie platforming game out now in the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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Super Mega Baseball 2 – get it!

If you’re looking for an affordable baseball sports game on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll want to look into Super Mega Baseball 2. It’s a solid game with accurate physics, lots of ways to play against AI, Ranked Matches, Online, and more. It’s got lots of replay value as well because of the fast paced arcade […]

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Badge Arcade Sticker Book!

Digging through some of my things and I came across this Badge Arcade sticker book I imported from Japan a couple of years back. Badge Arcade was a “freemium” app on the Nintendo 3DS which allowed users to play the classic crane machine type arcade games to win all sorts of iconic badges. These badges […]

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