• Jack Lovejoy posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago  · 

    What is your opinion on the starters? Do they suck?

    • Might depend whether you are creator or patron. I think something like a Patreon is a better crowding fund model than something like a Kickstarter.

    • A bit bad but not super bad.

      • Atleast they are not as s##t as gen 6 starters. Its my least favorite gen since it just outraged me on how backwards it was. I mean, the designs for the gen 6 pokemon are just so so stupid, with the exception of the ghost swords and greninja. Gen 5 had the best music out of any pokemon game, but what the f##k happenend here with this forgettable music? Why is this game so easy!?

    • I think Atticus was thinking Jack was talking about Kickstarters for his game, when he said starters.

      • That is what I thought. Without context in his question I thought it was related his game as that was the topic of discussion recently. Squirtle for life.

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