• Eddy Ray posted an update 10 months, 1 week ago  · 

    @gamecollector hope you are doing well! what’s new????????

    Mood : Curious
    • I’m doin’ okay. Just not as much time to visit as I’d like, taking care of eBay and house things all alike. How ’bout you?

      • Awwe very nice to chat with ya more and catch up! Have you setup your equipment for streaming? Been pretty busy, previewing and reviewing some games and doing live streams, as well as other youtube content. Feels like a full time job lol.

        • No, I really haven’t. Streamed Yooka Laylee randomly at times, need a new RCA to HDMI converter cause the one I bought was chinese crap. Dunno if I’ll really pursue serious streaming, in all honesty.

          I’m glad the site’s been working out for you, though. Keepin’ you busy is always good ^^

          • aww man, was looking forward to seeing a stream or two from you. thanks though, i appreciate it. we need to catch up more though. get any new games? what is your plan?

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