• Tobias posted an update 9 months ago  · 

    Just one more week..

    Mood : Excited
    • I know the hype is real! Are you getting it on launch day or waiting until the crazyness dies down. I will be waiting until they get the bugs fixed and then picking one up myself.

      • I am getting it on launch day along with Zelda BotW 🙂

        • Nice! Did you go with the neon joycon or the grey? From what I see of the new Zelda it isn’t my type of game but it looks like and amazing game none the less

          • I went for the neon, kind of like the colors. And I want people to notice my switch so they can ask me: What the hell is that? ^^

          • Are you going to get the neon or the grey?
            Yeah, I think I´ll put a few hours into the new Zelda, not many other games out for Switch at launch anyway. I think you should give it a chance anyway 🙂
            What games are you looking forward to on the Switch?

            • I was thinking the same thing, Tobias. I want the flashy colors myself. I also agree with you Eddy I want to make all blue and all red joycon. The game I am looking most forward to is Arms. I also never got to play Smash4 so I am really waiting for that port. Another game on my list is Splatoon 2. I never got to play the first one because I never owned Wiiu but there were a lot of games I want them to port from Wiiu so I can play them.

            • I never thought about getting all blue and/or all red joycons, maybe I´ll do that too 🙂
              Arms seems like it could be a lot of fun, I think I´ll pick that up too.
              Are they going to port Smash4? Splatoon is a great game as long as you continue to play it. I started it up again a couple weeks ago thinking that it´s been quite some time since I last played it but… I sucked at it, had forgotten how to play it xD
              I´m looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and in my opinion they should make a port of the wii game to the Switch 🙂 I have it on my Wii but if they released it alongside Xenoblade 2 then I´d gladly play it again before I took on the new Xenoblade ^^
              I would love some GameCube virtual console releases too 🙂

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