• Danial posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago · 

    I am looking for family friendly Nintendo Let’s Players to make friends, play games, and colaborate with on youtube. I really enjoy watching Nintendo content but so much of it is full of cursing and suggestive language. If you guys know of any good Nintendo youtubers or you guys have a channel yourself that has mostly Nintendo content please let…[Read more]

    • Look up abdallahsmash026 on YouTube! Great family friendly channel, and of course Nintendo Chit Chat 😛

      • I looked up AbdalaSmash and he just isn’t for me. A lot of people have been recommending him though and his content is good. Just not for me. NintendoChitChat huh? I hear they have awesome live streams and great let’s play videos. Think I’ll subscribe to that channel, lol.

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