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Badge Arcade Sticker Book!

Digging through some of my things and I came across this Badge Arcade sticker book I imported from Japan a couple of years back. Badge Arcade was a “freemium” app on the Nintendo 3DS which allowed users to play the classic crane machine type arcade games to win all sorts of iconic badges. These badges ranged from 8bit Mario to Mario Kart badges, Splatoon, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and more! With these badges you could then use them to decorate your home screen in various ways.

The popular host, showman, and “conman” was the Badge Arcade Bunny who would be there along side you almost every step of the way. You could buy additional game credits for a nominal fee from him to keep on playing.

Would you like to see a version of Badge Arcade come to the Nintendo Switch? It would be fairly neat to decorate your home screen with badges… let us know in the comments! Below you will see a short video of the sticker book showing off what some of the badges looked like in the game.