Top 10 Nintendo Games You Need To Play Before You Die

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    Eddy Ray

    LOL, crazy article but the list is pretty spot on. What do you think? What games would you interchange in the current list? View the article here

    1. Metroid Prime
    2. A Link to the Past
    3. Super Mario 64
    4. Tetris
    5. Ocarina of Time
    6. Super Metroid
    7. Super Mario Bros.
    8. Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow
    9. Super Mario Bros. 3
    10. Super Mario World


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    1. Super Mario Bros. 3
    2. Super Mario 64
    3. Super Mario Bros.
    4. Legend of Zelda: OoT
    5. Super Mario RPG
    6. Super Mario 3D Land
    7. Mario Kart 8
    8. Donkey Kong Country or DKC2
    9. Punch-Out!! / Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! (NES)
    10. Mega Man 2 (or at least some 8-bit Mega Man game)


    Super Mario Maker might be a candidate for this list.


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    Eddy Ray

    Definitely I can see myself needing to play Donkey Kong Country. That game was simply amazing and still is.  I may find myself recommending Pikmin as well. It’s different, unique.


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