The Nintendo Games Hidden In Seinfeld's Apartment

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    Eddy Ray

    Thought this was a fun and interesting story. I honestly don’t think I ever noticed them in an episode mostly because they are small… the main things that caught my eye were Jerry’s Macintosh/Apple computers throughout the years.

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    Wow, never noticed. The best show ever just got better.

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      Eddy Ray

      Gotta love the Arachnophobia VHS tape too.. I remember seeing that movie in the theater… I was scared everytime I woud use the bathroom haha.

      Sim City, Tertris…. I wonder if those are just the boxes or if they actually have the game/manual inside. I also don’t remember Jerry having any video game systems ala NES hooked up to the TV in his apartment. Of course Kramer could of borrowed it haha

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