Star Fox Zero is not a bad game.

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    I felt the need to post this because of all the hate it’s gotten and really does not deserve. This says a lot a things I agree with.

    I will say the only thing I might not like about it is that it might be too much like Star Fox 64 in terms of story. I know it was meant to be a reboot as it were but I’d rather a fresh story. But the game and the gameplay is still awesome.

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    Eddy Ray

    Great video… people like to moan and complain… and they probably don’t even have a Wii U. I have seen many comments online from people overreacting initially to the game… then when they finally get enough playtime and hands-on with the controls, they like it.

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    Jack Lovejoy

    I think I found it infuriating with the controls, but I got used to it

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