Splatoon Producer Explains the 4v4 Battles in Splatoon

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    Eddy Ray

    From http://nintendoenthusiast.com/news/splatoon-producer-explains-the-4v4-battles-in-splatoon/

    The thought behind 4 vs 4 is solid, it really does make sense and seems they tested quite a bit to figure out this is what it had to be.

    Splatoon producer has this to say from a recent interview:

    It’s not like we couldn’t have made 3 vs. 3 battles, but if just one player is splatted, the balance changes drastically and the enemy team can make a push in one go. On the other hand, when we tried increasing the number of players, the effect of splatting one person was small. However, when we tried 4 vs. 4, just splatting one player got the other team into a quite unfavorable situation. It is like a power play in ice hockey.

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    Aha nice. I’d like to see future modes with 5 or 6 per team, as I still feel splatting one player often does too much damage to your team (opens up the other players to dying quickly, before you know it your whole team is down and they’ve pushed all the way to your spawn lol)

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