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    While exploring I took a few pics at places Pokemon GO has taken me where I wouldn’t normally go day to day. Feel free to add yours.

    These ppl are all at the waterfront for Pokemon GO. No joke…

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    Eddy Ray

    These are great pictures. I will have to take some. Aside from snaps like this, if you have any fun pics with Pokemon in AR mode, use the camera to capture some fun pics. I have a few to upload.

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    The feels…


    I thought this was neat because it was an actual duck pond (you’ll notice the small duck behind him)…

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    Eddy Ray

    Love the buttefree pic and the Psyduck is hilarious. Perfect setting. Here are a few pics over the course of a couple weeks.

    A quick shot in the evening in the local housing development.

    A pidgeotto appearing roadside near a farm.

    I caught this little eevee before it got hit by a speeding car

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