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    I am making a party game for NX called Project Darkma. If you want to, view the threads and this post. I am requesting ideas and feedback.

    Darkma main thread:

    Darkma music:

    Darkma minigames:

    Darkma main character:

    The name of the main character in Project Darkma is Eric, and he is a stereotypical, spiky haired male warrior. However, Eric always has bad luck. He has a good heart, but bad luck. He is the opposite of the Master Chief in luck. I’ll give you some examples of the scenarios he *might* get himself into:

    His girlfriend gets possessed

    The gods don’t like him

    He kills enemies by tripping and falling with his sword

    He wasn’t able to save his town

    He uses a boomerang and gets attacked by it when it comes back

    He gets his lips stuck on a block of ice. Then that block of ice turns into the ice queen. And Eric’s girlfriend comes in, sees him with his lips on the ice queen, and dumps him.

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    Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the Main thread to get my board game ideas and character inspirations.

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    Eddy Ray

    Going to look it all over. I probably won’t be good with ideas for your game as it isn’t my area of expertise. But I wish you luck and maybe some others will throw a few bones your way that may give you more inspiration.

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