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    Eddy Ray

    Source and NeoGaf

    • Though Nvidia downplayed console margins, their pride was hurt by the loss in console contracts. All the talk about “focusing on Shield” was a cover for the fact that MS and Sony had soured on them and would not enter negotiations.
    • Nvidia team was told to get a console win or “go home.” Enter Nintendo, who apparently made off very well in this deal. This to the point that SemiAccurate questions whether this is a “win” at all for Nvidia.
    • SA has heard that Nvidia are promising software, support, and the whole shebang at a very low cost. According to one source, Nvidia may even be taking a loss on this deal.
    • Not mentioned which generation of Tegra or process node will be used or when the handheld is scheduled for release.
    • No mention of the home console, but we can speculate what that might be and who might provide the chipset for that one.

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