Netflix App on Wii U Gets Update

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    Eddy Ray

    About time.

    From: The Verge

    Wii U users can now create and sign into individual profiles — something other Netflix devices have had for a long, long time. The entire user interface has been refreshed and is far more responsive, according to reports at the NeoGAF forums, and Netflix on Wii U also now supports autoplay. So if you’re binging on a show, the next episode will begin playing automatically. Netflix’s resume function is far more reliable on Wii U with this update. These are things you or I might take for granted watching on a smartphone or different device, but Wii U owners have had to endure a subpar experience until now. Oh, and watching shows and movies on the console’s gamepad? That’s been improved, too

    I don’t use the Wii U Netflix app much just because I use Apple TV and a Roku, but I might give this a go.

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    I noticed when I used it yesterday. Meh, I didn’t have an issue with it before.

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