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    Just wanted to share a tech issue I had with my Switch that wasn’t immediately obvious to resolve at first…

    In my spare time at work yesterday I pulled out my Switch for a short session that I left on the doc to charge the night before with Joy-Cons attached. When I powered it on the still attached left Joy-Con would not respond at all to any inputs. I thought maybe it didn’t fully click (or *snap*) in when I attached it the night before on the doc and didn’t charge, so I connected the extra USB-C cord I had to charge the system after removing, examining, and re-attaching the left JC while assuring it was fully attached this time. I let an hour of charging go by and it was still completely unresponsive and wasn’t shown to be present in my Switch controller settings menus. I panicked slightly at this point and could not find a solution online.

    At that point I pulled out the left Joy-Con and examined it again realizing now I pushed every button on it up to this point except the little sync button just to the right of the SR button. I pressed it and was then relieved to see that little green series of lights light up and down the side (or top depending on your perspective) of the controller for the first time that day. I then went into Controllers > Change Grip/Order from the main dashboard, pressed L on the left JC and all has be well since.

    Some reading this might be thinking “Duh!” but it really caught me off guard as it’s the first time I’ve had a desync issue with one of these. It was such a random thing to happen too that it didn’t even enter my mind considering there was no sign of the controller even functioning at all, much less not being sync’d up. I just wanted to post this in case it helps a new Switch owner in the future.



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    Eddy Ray

    Good post and glad that is all it was. Same happened to me with the pro controller, it lost sync but i didn’t know that was the cause because it didn’t happen before. Unlike Wii Motes where you had to sync so often, the Switch is really great in that regard and it can throw you for a loop one of the few times you may have to re-sync!



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    Exactly, that’s why it was so random and unexpected.

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