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    Last round of Free DLC for Monster Hunter Generations! Via Capcom

    This one is all about challenging your skills as a hunter and as a team player, so gather your hunting party and take on some of the deadliest quests in the game. Are you ready to face multiple Hyper Monsters back-to-back or even at the same time? Check out the full quest list below:


    Quest: Secret Nibelsnarf Hunt
    Objective: Hunt a Hyper Nibelsnarf

    Quest: Absolute Power
    Objective: Hunt a Hyper Tigrex

    Quest: Picturesque Encounter
    Objective: Hunt a Hyper Zinogre

    Quest: How It’s Done
    Objective: Hunt a Hyper Agnaktor, a Hyper Lavasioth, and a Hyper Brachydios

    Quest: Raging Twins
    Objective: Hunt 2 Furious Rajang

    Quest: Unbridled Rage
    Objective: Hunt 2 Savage Deviljho

    Quest: Insanity and Destruction
    Objective: Hunt a Savage Deviljho and a Furious Rajang

    Quest: The Best of the Best
    Objective: Hunt a Nargacuga, a Tigrex, a Silver Rathalos, a Gold Rathian and a Zinogre

    Quest: The Greatest Hunter
    Objective: Hunt a Rathalos, a Zinogre, a Brachydios, and a Savage Deviljho

    Quest: The Five Kings of Destruction
    Objective: Hunt a Hyper Gammoth, a Hyper Astalos, a Hyper Mizutsune, a Hyper Glavenus, and a Hyper Deviljho

    Quest: Silver and Gold
    Objective: Hunt a Hyper Silver Rathalos and a Hyper Gold Rathian

    Quest: The White God Returns
    Objective: Slay an Ukanlos

    Quest: Harbinger of Death
    Objective: Slay a Nakarkos



    Quest: Event: Endurance Quest 4
    Objective: Slay a Gammoth, a Mizutsune, a Glavenus, and an Astalos

    Quest: Event: Endurance Quest 5
    Objective: (Prowler) Slay a Velocidrome, an Arzuros, and a Yian Kut-Ku



    15x Guild Card Titles
    1x Guild Card Background


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