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    Eddy Ray

    Giveaway Provided by Ratalaika Games!

    Enter our giveaway for League of Evil! (Digital Game Code for Nintendo Switch | North America)

    Game retails for $7.99 – Releases on August 31st!

    Details to enter:

    1. Why Would You Like to Win League of Evil?
    2. How Long Have You Had A Nintendo Switch?

    Be sure to include answers to both questions in your entry! Winner picked at random on August 31st! Be sure to enter now!

    For more game details visit: http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/league-of-evil-switch

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    1. I would like to win the League of Evil Giveaway because i have never won a giveaway before.
    2. I do not have a Switch at all so i can’t answer how long i have had a Switch.
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    1. The game and graphics look really good. It looks like a fun game to play

    2. Nearly 6 months

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    1. I would like to win it because I like the look of the concept of the game as well as the graphics.
    2. I have had the Nintendo Switch since launch (3rd march) which is almost 6 months
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    BWA Switch

    1. I would like to win this game because I think it might be interesting to put some episodes of it on my channel. So far, I have only covered 1st party Switch games, so it would be interesting to branch out and do some indy games too. I have also heard that the game is like Mega man, which I started playing for NES when I was a small kid. Those types of games have always been challenge for me, but it would be interesting to see what the difficulty level is compared to how my gaming skills have advanced in the past few years.

    2. I got my Switch on launch day, March 3rd. This was the first time I got a Nintendo console on launch day!

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    1. I like action platformers.

    2. Got my switch sometime in June so around 2 months.

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    Eddy Ray

    Congrats to Jostin for winning!

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