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    So, found this site through an image on Google (funny enough, it was a picture of Fawful that I posted to DeviantArt last year I believe, and I noticed it was used in an article here. Not mad though, more like honored that my art is even good enough to be used like that lol)

    And I love joining gaming, especially Nintendo related communities since Mario is my favorite series ever and I love talking about it, especially the RPGs (as you can probably tell by my Fawful-based username. I also love Dimentio and Count Bleck and Antasma etc)

    But anyway I’m fawfulthegreat64, you might know me if you frequent sites such as Super Mario Boards or a few Mario game boards on GameFAQs (my username there is greatdimentio). I also have a YouTube channel which I’m very inconsistent at uploading recently but I’m planning to try and rejuvenate it… at some point. It also has a Mario focus, primarily the RPGs but the occasional non-Mario related thing (like a retro-game-version of a Brave Little Toaster song, or a playthrough of a SpongeBob game)

    I also exist on the Paper Mario subreddit. Glad to meet y’all 🙂

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    Eddy Ray

    Welcome! Yeah, there isn’t much to go around when it comes to Fawful and finding images to use for stories. So, thanks for being so talented  🙂

    Enjoy your stay, sounds like you have a good taste in games!

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    Welcome, Greatdimentio! I recognised you immediately as being the same guy from gamefaqs as soon as i saw your previous topic lol. Hope you enjoy your time in these forums despite its small userbase!

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    Yeah I really like the layout of this site, shame it doesn’t seem to be very active. I notice that a lot with forums and communities that put a lot of effort into the theming of their site but never become active.

    Thanks for the welcomes 😀 Always glad to meet fellow Nintendo fans, they’re pretty rare where I live  😛

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    Eddy Ray

    Yeah, nice to see some new faces here. People come and go, this was always a challenge to get people to a community site. Thanks for joining up and enjoy!

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