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    Hey guys, I thought it would be fun to see which youtubers you guys are into.

    I’ve been getting into Alpharad recently, I was pulled in by his How To Play 101 series and stuck around for the dank maymays.

    science museum is the stuff

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    Eddy Ray

    Great topic. I have been a fan of Cobanermani456 for a couple of years. He does a lot of 3Ds/WiiU and other Nintendo stuff… and others. From let’s plays, co-op stuff etc. He is pretty entertaining and a genuine guy.


    Of course the team at GameXplain as they offer great news updates and the best videos analyzing trailers and games.


    Finally, TheBitBlock. Josh is a cool guy and does some unique content all related to Nintendo.

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    Good choices @eddyray , I haven’t come across Cobanermani456 before but I’ll be sure to give him a look.

    Gamexplain is a given 😛

    And I’ve watched some of thebitblock’s videos before. Pretty good stuff.

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    Eddy Ray

    I’ve also subbed to Andrew Eisen. He does a podcast on his YouTube channel among other stuff. He is a Nintendo fan so often offers his opinion on “Nintendo Stuff” in an entertaining way.


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    So many to list. I’d say my main viewing is with Kinda Funny though. Fours guys that used to work at IGN and went out on their own in January. They’ve been pretty successful and I enjoy the content and their personalities. They discuss everything in nerd culture, do let’s plays, etc.


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