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    Eddy Ray


    Patch 1.03 tides up a lot of bugs, but the big takeaway is that graphics detail gets a noticeable boost. Fallout 4 is now equivalent to the game running on the high graphics preset, albeit with medium quality shadows. Just a shame that the intrusive stutter on Xbox One is still a real issue.

    We’ve been playing the game on our budget gaming PC, pairing a Core i3 4130 with a GTX 750 Ti and 8GB of DDR3. We used the game’s high preset as a base, then dropped shadow quality and distance down to medium, with lighting pared back to high – this gives us a visual experience on par or better with console. We have enough horsepower left over to put its object fade setting on par with actor fade (in excess of the high setting) and the end result is improved performance and marginally superior visuals, still at 1080p.

    What we lack is a decent 30fps cap, which sees performance lurch – Nvidia’s half-rate adaptive v-sync produces ungodly stutter here, and it’s down to Riva Tuner Statistics Server’s frame-rate cap to level performance, though frame-pacing is still an issue. Even so, this is a great experience overall on cheap hardware, boding well for those with quad-core processors and better GPUs. As an aside, we can say that even ultra level textures still fit comfortably within a 2GB framebuffer at 1080p. VRAM utilisation isn’t a problem for Fallout 4.

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