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As you all know, we don’t charge anything for you to belong to our community. With that said, as we grow, we will need to improve our hosting services to keep this site up and running as smoothly as possible which will come at a cost… directly from my own pocket. We’ve also hired writing staff which help produce unique and original Nintendo gaming content, news, and reviews! All of this combined with our chat-room service can add up monthly and yearly. We do have ads placed throughout the website, but honestly at this point it’s only mere pocket change.

If you wish, we have setup a donation button through paypal. You can choose to donate any amount you wish. We also have a Patreon campaign where you can make a monthly pledge in return for a big Thank You and some rewards, depending upon the pledge level. Please consider helping us grow and thrive in any way possible. That simply means sharing our content, liking or retweeting, posting in forums, talking in chat… or even making a monetary pledge.

Thanks very much and it is appreciated!

Eddy Ray – Site Owner

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