How To Use The Chatroom

Chit Chat Chat Room Tips


Report any misbehavior, trolling, spamming etc. to: Admin

  • Every page has chat room accessibility.
  • Click on Chit Chat! tab to enter the HUB.
  • Only registered site users can access and use chat.
  • When you sign into the site, it will auto-login to chat.
  • You can sign out of chat by the triangle next to your name.
  • To sign back in, click the red icon at bottom right of page.
  • Click Chat Room in our top menu to access the chat room embedded


Chat Room Features


  • You can also easily access the chat room by click the link on the top menu of the site. Chit Chat Chatroom
  • You can set your status if available, busy, idle, offline.
  • There are unique chat rooms (Community Room, Play Online! etc).
  • The chat room tab has a search feature, right below your user name.
  • Chat works on mobile devices. Some features may not be on mobile.
  • Use your mouse to re-size a chat room box. Width and height can be adjusted independently.


Sharing Media, Image, Files

  • Most youtube videos, pictures, gifs embed into the chat with appropriate links. (KEEP APPROPRIATE / DO NOT ABUSE FEATURE)
  • Chat supports up to file sharing.
  • Chat supports private messaging between users. Click on their name, or avatar in the user online section.
  • Our chatroom supports up to 60 users.


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