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Category: Gaming Talk

Badge Arcade Sticker Book!

Digging through some of my things and I came across this Badge Arcade sticker book I imported from Japan a couple of years back. Badge Arcade was a “freemium” app on the Nintendo 3DS which allowed users to play the classic crane machine type arcade games to win all sorts of iconic badges. These badges […]

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Super Mario Challenge Coin Packs!

As I started rearranging and preparing some of my gaming stuff for an upcoming move I came across some unopened Super Mario Challenge Coin Packs! Five of them in total. These are all blind packs and contain 1 decal and 1 sticker. There are special cards and gold coins (i believe) which are rare. Maybe […]

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Doom is Life

Bethesda has brought DOOM, DOOM 2, and DOOM 3 to all major consoles including the Nintendo Switch! I grew up playing DOOM and DOOM 2, in fact it was one of my first FPS games along side Wolfenstein. PanicButton devs have had a hand in bringing DOOM 3 over. They have a done an excellent […]

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