Our Hopes and Expectations for the 2019 Switch Pokémon Games

Our Hopes and Expectations for the 2019 Switch Pokémon Games

With the arrival of 2019, Nintendo fans have many different franchises to speculate about, including Pokémon. At E3 2017, Nintendo revealed that Game Freak was developing a mainline Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch. When Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! were announced, Game Freak confirmed that the 2019 Pokémon game would be a traditional core Pokémon experience.

But even though the game is due out this year, we have yet to see anything about it. We don’t even know what eighth generation Pokémon games will be titled. So let’s take a look at what we expect to see – and what we hope to see – from the next entries in the Pokémon series.

Traditional Pokémon Gameplay

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that the Let’s Go titles made many fans concerned about the direction the Pokémon series was taking, particularly due to the removal of wild Pokémon battles and similar parallels to the mobile game Pokémon GO. However, Game Freak and The Pokémon Company have made it clear that the 2019 Pokémon games will be traditional titles not influenced by Pokémon GO. Therefore, we expect to see a return to form with the usual battling and catching mechanics, along with the typical Pokémon-catching, trainer-fighting journey to become the Champion.

Wild Pokémon visible on the field, however? We’ll take that.

Gameplay-Story Balance

The Pokémon games were never story-heavy, but they’ve made progress over the years toward stronger storytelling. Personally, I feel it reached its peak with Pokémon Black and White, which carefully balanced a greater emphasis on narrative with the typical Pokémon experience, while later entries such as Sun and Moon struggled due to slow pacing and frequent interruptions. Here’s hoping the 2019 Pokémon titles find that balance again and tell a good story without sacrificing the game’s pace along the way.

More Exploration

When Pokémon X and Y came out, I accepted the more linear routes and caves as being a result of the move to the 3DS. Then with Pokémon Sun and Moon, maybe it was again because of the new visuals and shift away from the top-down view. But now that the Let’s Go games are out and we’re ready for the next big games for the Switch, let’s get back to bigger dungeons with more complex layouts and a semi-linear journey with optional areas and places to explore.

Quality of Life Improvements

I might sometimes sound like I dislike any changes to the original Pokémon formula, but that’s not true at all. Several quality of life improvements have been added in recent games that I’d love to see carried over. Removing HMs as field skills was a great decision, and I loved the DexNav in Omega Ruby and Sapphire. Here’s hoping Pokémon 2019 keeps the strongest improvements while still shifting its core gameplay back to the traditional style.

In Conclusion

These are a few of our biggest hopes and expectations for the upcoming Pokémon games for the Nintendo Switch. What about you? What are you hoping to see from the next Pokémon generation?

Samantha is a published horror and fantasy writer, a professional freelance writer, and a longtime gamer. As a result, writing about games is one of her favorite activities. She likes a wide range of genres, especially RPGs, survival horror, and visual novels. More information can be found at her website: http://www.samanthalienhard.com/

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