Biggest Changes in the Luigi’s Mansion Remake

Biggest Changes in the Luigi’s Mansion Remake

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With the Luigi’s Mansion remake out now for the 3DS, you might be wondering what differences there are between this and the original GameCube version. Is it worth buying, or should you fire up your GameCube copy instead? While it’s largely the same game, let’s take a look at the biggest changes in the Luigi’s Mansion remake.


One of the biggest additions to the Luigi’s Mansion remake is the new two-player co-op mode that lets you play together with a friend. If you and a friend both have 3DS systems and copies of the game, you can team up through the local wireless co-op mode to play through the main story or take on portrait ghosts together. (Some co-op features are also available through Download Play to let another player try out the game.)

Gallery Battle

Speaking of which, the new Gallery Battle mode lets you re-challenge ghosts you’ve defeated in the main storyline, allowing you to fight them in a rematch and see if you can improve your ghost-catching skills without starting a whole new game.

Hidden Mansion Changes

When you beat Luigi’s Mansion, you have the option to play through the “Hidden Mansion” instead of the regular mansion. However, since the original Hidden Mansion was so close to the original, it was changed for the PAL version to feature more ghosts, tougher boss battles, and other challenges. These changes have largely been kept for the 3DS remake (although the mansion is no longer mirrored), along with a few new twists such as changing the location of Mario’s items.


The Strobulb flashlight tool was introduced in Dark Moon and brought into the 3DS remake as an option, giving you more choices about how you fight and capture ghosts. While you don’t have to use it, it was most likely added to make up for the reduced control over the flashlight due to the 3DS’s controls.

Amiibo Support

And of course, the 3DS remake also introduced amiibo support. Using the Luigi, Mario, Toad, and Boo amiibo figurines with your copy of Luigi’s Mansion will aid you with health restoration and other helpful tricks.

In Conclusion

There are other, smaller changes to the Luigi’s Mansion 3DS remake as well, but these are the biggest ones you should be aware of. Are you planning to buy Luigi’s Mansion for the 3DS?

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