Nintendo Time Portal: Issue 34

Nintendo Time Portal: Issue 34

Welcome to the 34th issue of the Nintendo Time Portal, where we go back through history and take a look at the video games that released for Nintendo platforms on this week over the years.

September 23 – Nintendo is founded.

Happy Birthday to Nintendo itself! The company, which started out selling playing cards and tried several different ventures before becoming the video game company we know and love today, was founded on September 23, 1889. That was 129 years ago. Nintendo has definitely been around for a long time.

September 23 and 27 – Dragon Quest I & II are released as a bundle.

As the Dragon Quest series continued, remakes were eventually made of the original two games. Bundled together for the Game Boy Color, Dragon Quest I & II came out on September 23, 1999 in Japan. Just over a year later, it was released as Dragon Warrior I & II on September 27, 2000 in North America.

September 26 and 29 – Super Mario 64 is released in North America.

The much-beloved Super Mario 64 officially came out on September 29, 1996, but you’ll see some sources that give the release date as September 26, 1996 instead. How can the same release have two dates? It turns out some stores started selling Super Mario 64 ahead of its release date, and so certain players got it three days early. And that’s not all…

September 26 and 29 – The Nintendo 64 is released in North America.

Yes, the same thing happened with the North American release of the Nintendo 64 itself. It officially came to North America on September 29, 1996… but after a large toy retailer started selling it three days early without authorization, Nintendo allowed other stores to sell it early as well.

In Conclusion

These are just a few of the video game anniversaries we celebrate this week. Which are your favorites?

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