Tetra’s Escape (Review)

Tetra’s Escape (Review)

We received a review code for Tetra’s Escape on the Switch.

Tetra’s Escape is a puzzle game about little block-like creatures called Tetras. Your goal is to get a Tetra to the portal in each level. Tetras can climb up a single block in height, so you’ll need to create a path it can traverse to get it to the end. Fortunately, Tetras can transform into tetrominoes – shapes most famous for their use in Tetris.

Different Tetras can transform into different shapes. As you progress through the levels, you’ll gain the ability to rotate and flip these shapes as well, giving you many options for how to put your Tetras together. But once you transform a Tetra into a tetromino, it can’t change back, so you’ll want to be sure you have the right shape and position before you confirm it.

Tetra’s Escape would greatly benefit from an “undo” button, but there is no such option (aside from a special item that must be used to solve certain puzzles). On one hand, this forces you to think through your actions carefully before you commit to anything. On the other hand, it’s easy to make a mistake and realize you need to start the entire level over again. Fortunately, each level is small, so if you do have to start over, it shouldn’t take you too long to repeat your efforts.

There are three stars to collect in each level, along with a trophy that appears once you’ve collected all three. As a result, there are usually multiple solutions to each puzzle: an easy solution to just get you to the end, and harder solutions to collect the stars and trophy as well. Sometimes you might build your path to the portal, only to realize the trophy is out of reach.

The game is split into 8 worlds, each with 8 levels in it. Each world introduces new gameplay mechanics, starting with the basic abilities like flipping your tetromino and moving on to mechanics like icy paths and portals that require a specific Tetra color. While this keeps the gameplay fresh, it also gives the game unusual pacing, as every world will start with a couple easy, tutorial-like levels before moving on to the more difficult ones. The later puzzles in each world can be quite challenging, however, and these tricky puzzles are when Tetra’s Escape is at its best.

Tetra’s Escape makes use of standard tetromino blocks to create 64 puzzles of varying difficulty. It only takes a few hours to play, but it will last longer if you want to grab every star and trophy. While it’s a bit simple, it does provide a few hours of puzzle-solving fun.

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