The Journey Down: Chapter Three (Review)

The Journey Down: Chapter Three (Review)

We received a review code for The Journey Down: Chapter Three on the Switch.

The third and final entry of this point-and-click adventure game series brings Bwana’s story to a close. Chapter Three more or less assumes you’ve played the first two chapters already, as it tosses you right into the thick of the story. Bwana, Kito, and Lina finally learn what the Armando Power Company is planning and split up to put an end to their nefarious plans. It’s a noticeably more story-driven this time around, with a greater focus on lore, more cutscenes, and a story that feels epic despite being shorter than Chapter Two.

Unfortunately, if you play these games for their gameplay, you might be a bit of disappointed. Chapter Three’s puzzles are simpler and more straightforward, making way for the increased emphasis on the plot. You’ll still need to work out how to get the information and items you need, solving inventory-based puzzles by dragging items from your inventory to interact with the environment, but they don’t have as much complexity this time.

On the other hand, there are beautiful new locations to explore (and even a section where you play as someone other than Bwana), plenty of great callbacks to the first chapter, and the trilogy’s typical sense of humor. In fact, even though the stakes in Chapter Three are higher than ever, it has a more lighthearted tone than Chapter Two did and features plenty of comedy.

Bwana is an endearing main character. He might not always know what he’s doing, but his heart is in the right place. There’s a few more zany additions to the cast here, too, such as a rock-and-roll revolutionary who knew Bwana and Kito when they were kids. Overall, Chapter Three is a satisfactory conclusion to the story, although the inclusion of supernatural elements feels a bit jarring. They’re teased from the start of the chapter, but since most of the trilogy is somewhat grounded in reality, it still seems abrupt, especially since almost no one questions it. Nevertheless, it’s a fun ride to the end.

The Journey Down: Chapter Three might not stand on its own well, but it ensures the Journey Down trilogy has a solid plot and a suitably exciting conclusion. While it places a lesser emphasis on puzzle-solving than its predecessors do, fans of the story and characters in the first two chapters should be pleased with Chapter Three.

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