Nintendo Time Portal: Issue 20

Nintendo Time Portal: Issue 20

E3 week is also the 20th edition of our Nintendo Time Portal, where we take a look back through the years at the video game anniversaries we celebrate. So, what came out this week in Nintendo history?

June 11 – Castlevania: Circle of the Moon is released in North America.

On June 11, 2001, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon came out in North America. Why June 11, just under three months after its Japanese release? Because in all regions, Circle of the Moon was a Game Boy Advance launch title, releasing on the same day as the GBA in each respective region. Circle of the Moon was a popular game among fans, but in 2002, it was removed from the official Castlevania timeline to be considered a standalone game instead.

June 13 – StarCraft 64 is released.

StarCraft has been praised as one of the best real-time strategy games ever made, but have you played it on the Nintendo 64? On June 13, 2000, StarCraft 64 came out. It included all of the content from the main game and expansion, as well as a new mission, with a redesigned interface and a split-screen co-op mode.

June 14 – EarthBound Beginnings surprises everyone.

It was June 14, 2015 when Nintendo casually announced during the Nintendo World Championships that the original Mother was being released on the Wii U eShop in English as EarthBound Beginnings. The game had actually been fully translated by 1991, but its original release was cancelled.

June 16 – Flower, Sun, and Rain comes out in North America.

Set in the same universe as The Silver Case and Killer7, Flower, Sun, and Rain was ported to the DS in 2008 and came out in North America on June 16, 2009. This adventure game was adapted to make use of the touchscreen, but reviewers were critical of its graphics and gameplay. While not quite as much of a cult classic as Killer7, it is still remembered fondly.

In Conclusion

These are only a few of the Nintendo gaming anniversaries we celebrate this week. Which are your favorites?

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