Nintendo Time Portal: Issue 16

Nintendo Time Portal: Issue 16

Welcome back to the Nintendo Time Portal, where we take a look at video game anniversaries throughout the past week. Which past game releases can we celebrate this week? Let’s take a look at a few.

May 13 – Super Mario RPG comes to North America.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars was the first Mario RPG, and it came to North America on May 13, 1996. This unusual collaboration, a Mario game developed by Square, not only paved the way for future RPG series like Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi, but is to many fans the best of the Mario RPGs. It also introduced new characters such as Geno and Mallow, whom fans are still hoping to see more from to this day.

May 15 – Etrian Odyssey comes to North America.

We’ve talked a lot about the Etrian Odyssey series lately, and it all started in 2007. The first Etrian Odyssey game was brought to North America on May 15, 2007 after its January release in Japan, and its use of the DS touchscreen to let players draw their own maps proved to be a popular mechanic that let this series find a solid home on the DS and 3DS.

May 16 – The Starship Damrey is released in the west.

Another game in Level-5’s “Guild” collection, The Starship Damrey was released in western regions on May 16, 2013. Although short, this downloadable game made use of classic survival horror gameplay to reveal the mysteries of the starship you wake up on. It also made a point of having no tutorial, forcing players to figure out the game for themselves.

May 18 – Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow is released in North America.

The short-lived Blue Dragon series spans multiple genres and systems, and Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow for the DS came to North America on May 18, 2010. This action RPG had an impressive list of names behind it–Hironobu Sakaguchi as the director, Akira Toriyama as a character designer, Nobuo Uematsu as the composer, and Hideo Baba as one of the producers–but it ended up with a mediocre reception and the series hasn’t been seen since.

In Conclusion

These are only a few of the anniversaries we celebrate this week. Which are your favorites?

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