April 29 – May 5: This Week in Nintendo News

April 29 – May 5: This Week in Nintendo News

As we leave April behind and head into May, we’ve got plenty of new announcements, including quite a bit of Touhou news this week.

Nintendo Switch News

Outright Games has announced Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard for all major consoles. It will be out on July 10 for $39.99. You’ll need to lead a group of creatures called the Impa to fight enemies and save the missing monsters.

Arc System Works has announced Family Cards Games SP for the Switch in Japan. It will be out on May 10 and feature the Japanese card game Daifugo. This is the latest in the Family series, which has had numerous titles on the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS.

Nicalis is bringing the 2001 arcade shoot ’em up Ikaruga  to the Switch eShop on May 29 for $14.99. This vertical shooter features a system where you switch your ship’s polarity to absorb matching bullets and power up a special attack. It will feature both single-player and two-player local co-op. Check out the announcement trailer.

Another shoot ’em up first announced in 2016, Black Bird, will be coming to the Switch and PC this summer.

Next, the shoot ’em up Maihana Soumakyou (which a PS4 trophy list revealed might be localized as Touhou Azure Reflection) now has a Switch version in development as well.

The action puzzle Touhou game, Marisa and Alice’s Trap Tower, is coming to the Switch in Japan.

Is that it for Touhou news? Certainly not! A new action RPG called Touhou Genso Kikou: Lost Alchemy has been announced for the Switch and PS4, although no further details have been revealed.

One more, Touhou Genso Wanderer: Lotus Labyrinth was announced for the Switch and PS4, with an alpha version to be playable at the Touhou Project convention in Tokyo.

And the mobile puzzle games Framed and Framed 2 are coming to the Switch and PC/Mac/Linux on May 17 as the Framed Collection. In these games, you rearrange the frames of an animated comic book to change the story’s outcome. Check out the announcement trailer.

In a surprise announcement, Brave Neptunia: World! Universe! Pay Attention!! Ultimate RPG Declaration!! is coming to the Switch in Korea, although no announcement has been made in Japan.

Moving on to localization news, as we expected, the vertical shooter Psyvariar Delta is coming to the west. It will be available for the Switch and PS4 this summer, both digitally and physically. Here is the announcement trailer.

L.F.O. – Lost Future Omega is a musical shoot ’em up released last year in Japan. Now it’s available in the west for $7.99. In addition to Normal Mode, there is a second mode where you won’t take any damage. To see how the gameplay works, check out the announcement trailer.

Finally, the console version of Nekopara Vol. 1 is being localized, too. It will be released worldwide on June 21.

Let’s move on to release date announcements. Last week, the zombie apocalypse road trip simulator Death Road to Canada was delayed, but now it has a new release date of May 8, with a 20% discount for its first two weeks.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles will be out on the Switch eShop on May 17 for $29.99. A physical release will follow for $39.99 on June 12 in the United States and June 15 and Europe and Australia. The game includes a Switch-exclusive photo mode. Check out the latest trailer.

The Fairune Collection will also be out on May 17 for $9.99, with a 10% discount on pre-orders. This collection includes Fairune and Fairune 2, a short game called Fairune Origin that shows how the series began, and an unlockable shoot ’em up called Fairune Blast. A new trailer is available now.

The hand-illustrated survival RPG Smoke and Sacrifice will be out on May 31 for $24.99, with a 20% discount for its first two weeks. Take a look at the release date trailer.

The color-themed racing game Trailblazers is due out for the Switch in June, and a new trailer is available now.

A limited edition has been announced for Owlboy, limited to 6,000 copies, for the Switch and PS4. It will include the game, a numbered certificate of authenticity, a physical soundtrack, an Owlboy notebook, an Owlboy manual, a pin of the logo and a pin of Otus, two metal coins designed like the Buccanary coin collectibles, a pin box, and a sticker sheet with 17 Owlboy stickers. While the standard edition will be out on May 29, the limited edition will follow on July 13. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet.

Unfortunately, we also have a delay. Lumines Remastered has been delayed from May to June 26.

The first trailer has been released for Disgaea 1 Complete, the remake of Disgaea.

NIS America has gone into detail about the new content that will be in Happy Birthdays for the Switch. First, items have been replaced with a skill system that you’ll make use of by shaping the world and capturing creatures to earn stars to unlock skills. Skills will let you change the terrain, temperature, and moisture levels, among other features. Second, there are three elemental dragons that will appear under certain conditions. Third, you’ll be able to use your stars to buy Monuments, which were originally cosmetic DLC. Finally, you’ll be able to pick between grasslands, a desert, and a tundra for your starting biome.

Two new characters have been revealed for SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, Zarina and Sylvie Paula Paula from The King of Fighters XIV. Check out the latest trailer to see them in action.

The Season Pass has been detailed for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition. It costs $9.99 and includes four pieces of DLC. The first pack will be out on May 29 for $1.99 and include 7 fence sets, 2 statues, and upgrades for your Hoe and Watering Can. The second will be out on June 19 for $5.99 and add two new marriage candidates: Shirlock, a journalist and self-proclaimed detective, and Michelle, Doc’s research partner. The third will be out on July 10 for $5.99 and add two new side stories featuring Doc and Melanie, with new shops to unlock. Finally, the fourth will be out on July 31 for $3.99 and allow you to romance the Harvest Goddess and Gorgan.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole on the Switch has a major game-breaking bug. However, it has been identified and will be fixed in the next patch. In the meantime, avoid the D-Mobile side quest.

Nintendo 3DS News

A new trailer is available now for Etrian Odyssey X, introducing the new Hero class. Take a look.

Mii News?

A follow-up announcement in Miitomo about the app’s shutdown stated that Nintendo will add a feature in May to let you create and edit Mii characters in your web browser.

In Conclusion

Which of this week’s announcements are you the most excited for?

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