April 15 – April 21: This Week in Nintendo News

April 15 – April 21: This Week in Nintendo News

We’re partway through April now and the Nintendo news is still coming strong. Several new announcements and details came out this week as well.

Nintendo Switch News

An arcade-style racing game called Horizon Chase Turbo has been announced. Although it is just coming to the PS4 and PC first, on May 15, it will be coming to the Switch and Xbox One later this year. It is a new version of the mobile game Horizon Chase World Tour and features locations from around the world, split-screen multiplayer, an online competitive Ghost mode, 110 tracks, and more. Check out the announcement trailer.

In Japan, Psyvariar Delta has been announced for the Switch and PS4. It is a remake of the arcade vertical shoot ’em up Psyvariar Revision, which was a revised version of Psyvariar: Medium Unit.

NBA Playgrounds 2 has also been announced for all major platforms. It will feature new online and local multiplayer modes, a new worldwide ranked league system, a single-player Season mode, and more. Take a look at the announcement trailer.

A futuristic adventure game called State of Mind has been announced for all major platforms, to be released in August. Console versions will cost $39.99. Described as a near-future domestic drama, State of Mind puts players in a world that envisions a digital utopia leading to a dystopia. Take a look at the announcement trailer.

A Binding of Isaac spin-off called The Legend of Bum-bo has also been announced. It is a randomly generated turn-based puzzle RPG. It’s coming to Steam and iOS first, but according to the official announcement, they hope for a Switch release in 2019. Here is the announcement trailer.

Next, Sega has announced that the original Valkyria Chronicles is coming to the Switch this fall in Japan.

Sega also clarified that Sega Ages is not a collection, but rather a brand for enhanced games being brought to the Switch. In addition to the three games announced last week (Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, and Thunder Force IV), two more have been announced: Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Gain Ground. It will start with 15 classic games, but it was reported that they hope to eventually move on to Saturn and Dreamcast games.

Battlezone: Gold Edition has been announced for all major platforms. The Switch version will be out this summer for $39.99. This is a non-VR version of Battlezone featuring first-person tank combat. All of the original game’s content, including the arcade-style Classic Mode, will be available. Check out the announcement trailer.

The action platformer Venture Kid, originally a mobile game, is also coming to the Switch and PC.

Yuppie Psycho, a “first job survival horror” game originally announced only for the PC, has been announced for consoles as well. It will be out this fall. Yuppie Psycho follows a man working for a company in a dystopian society where he learns his job to hunt down a “witch” who has turned against the company. It is from the developers of The Count Lucanor, whom we interviewed last year (and asked about Yuppie Psycho). Here is the original reveal trailer.

The mobile RPG Another Eden: The Cat That Travels Through Space and Time is coming to the Switch, with an English version reportedly in development.

Unexplored: Unlocked Edition has been announced for the Switch this spring. It is a “roguelite that feels like a roguelike” released for the PC earlier this year. The Unlocked Edition includes the main game and its three DLC packs. Check out the announcement trailer.

Perfect Angle was also announced for the Switch. This game, which originally came out for the PC and mobile devices, will be available from the Switch eShop on May 3. It is a puzzle game based on optical illusions. Check out the Switch announcement trailer to see what its puzzles are like.

And Disgaea Refine is coming to the west as Disgaea 1 Complete for $49.99, with English and Japanese audio options and English and French text options. There will also be a $99.99 limited edition that includes the game, an official soundtrack, a hardcover art book, a set of 9 enamel pins, an orthodox Prinny coaster set, a Noppai Etna flat mousepad, a tear-resistant “Poster of Darkness,” a tear-resistant “Netherworld Unbound” poster, a Prinny cube plush, and a Rosen Queen Certificate of Authenticity, all in a Prinny Pouch collector’s box.

In Japan, the dungeon RPG Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition is coming to the Switch on April 26. It will add an art and music gallery. The original PSP game was localized, but we’ll have to wait and see if this updated version will come west.

Light Fall, the atmospheric platformer announced for the Switch last month, will also be out on April 26. It will cost $14.99.

One more new release was announced for April 26, and this one isn’t a typical game. KORG Gadget is a music production studio software program that will let you create music, with four-person collaborations possible through a multiplayer mode. It makes use of synthesizers and drum machines, with Joy-Con controls. It will cost $48. The video below shows it in action.

The platform adventure game Nihilumbra is also coming to the Switch. It will be out on May 3 for $7.99. Check out the Switch announcement trailer.

The musical action-adventure game Figment, originally released for the PC, is coming to the Switch eShop on May 31 with other console versions to follow. Figment is set inside a human mind and stars Dusty, the mind’s voice of courage, in a struggle to overcome the nightmares. Check out the Switch trailer.

Next, Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition is coming to the Switch eShop this summer, with a limited physical edition to be sold by Limited Run Games. This remake of the original 1992 Night Trap includes a new mode, new features, and the original prototype, in addition to the rebuilt game.

And the rhythm game Musynx is coming to North America on June 19. The first 5,000 copies of the physical release will have limited edition box art featuring the Chinese Vocaloid Stardust. This rhythm game features over 90 songs and multiple difficulty settings. A new trailer is available now.

Next, we’ve got some delays. Runbow, which was set to release on April 24, has been pushed back “a few weeks,” with the new release date to be announced later.

In Europe, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition has been delayed from May to June 22. It’s unclear if the North American release has also been delayed or not.

The Switch version of Dark Souls Remastered has also been delayed until summer, as has the Solaire amiibo.

The Switch version of Valkyria Chronicles 4 has been delayed until the fall in Japan. It will come with a discount coupon for the original game.

Moving on, a new trailer is available for Octopath Traveler. This trailer introduces two new characters along with the Noble/Rogue system. H’aanit is a Hunter who can “Provoke” NPCs into combat. Therion is a Thief who can Steal items from other characters. Do these results sound familiar? They should. Octopath Traveler’s field skills fall into the “Noble” and “Rogue” categories. H’aanit’s skill is the Rogue counterpart to Olberic’s (Challenge), while Therion’s is the Rogue counterpart to Tressa’s (Purchase). Noble actions won’t fail, but you have to meet requirements to perform them. Rogue actions have no requirements, but failing them will cause your reputation to go down. You’ll have to pay the tavern keeper to restore your reputation. Your field skills will let you find different solutions to the Side Stories you encounter.

Last week, we saw a short teaser for the live-action horror game Closed Nightmare. Now a full trailer is available, for a better idea of what this game will be like. In addition to the live action footage, there are a few brief puzzle sections shown in the new video.

Three more DLC characters have been announced for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. Hakumen from BlazBlue, Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4, and Vatista from Under Night In-Birth will be available in Cross Tag Character Pack 3 for $4.99, or as part of the complete Cross Tag Character Collection (which will include 6 character packs) for $19.99.

Finally, the developers of The Way Remastered have alerted fans that there is currently a game-breaking bug that can wipe your save data during the second boss fight. The patch to fix it should go live soon, but in the meantime they’ve posted a workaround on Reddit so you can avoid this issue.

Nintendo 3DS News

New details have been released about Etrian Odyssey X. First, they covered character customization. The new Hero class wields a sword and shield, and uses both skills to help party members and powerful wave attacks. The other classes will be: the Paladin, Bushido, Medic, and Ranger from Etrian Odyssey, the Gunner, War Magus, and Highlander from Etrian Odyssey II, the Prince/Princess, Shogun, Zodiac, Shinobi, and Farmer from Etrian Odyssey III, the Landsknecht, Nightseeker, Arcanist, and Imperial from Etrian Odyssey IV, and the Pugilist and Harbinger from Etrian Odyssey V. Each class will have four different appearances, except for the Highlander, which has only two. You’ll also be able to customize their skin tones, hair colors, eye colors, and voices (including a “no voice” option).

Next, they discussed the world and systems. Dungeons will let you draw maps on the bottom screen or use the auto-mapping feature. The world map will include smaller labyrinths and events in addition to the main labyrinths. The city of Maginia will act as a hub for preparations, and there will be over 20 NPCs. Finally, the game’s systems will include Force Burst and Force Break from Etrian Odyssey Untold 2, the Sub-Class system from III and IV, and the character customization and difficulty options from V.

In Conclusion

Which of these announcements are you the most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.

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