Nintendo Time Portal: Issue 9

Nintendo Time Portal: Issue 9

Welcome to Issue 9 of Nintendo Time Portal, where we look back through the years at games that came out on the current week’s dates, as well as any special events to keep in mind.

March 25 – Happy Birthday to Reggie!

All right, so this isn’t one of the typical things we look at during the Time Portal, but March 25 is the birthday of Reggie Fils-Aimé, the head of Nintendo of America. Happy Birthday, Reggie!

March 25, 27, and 31 – The 3DS is released in the west.

Last month, we celebrated the arrival of the 3DS in Japan, and this week, we can remember its release in Europe (March 25, 2011), North America (March 27, 2011), and Australia (March 31, 2011)! And of course, don’t forget that means it’s also the anniversary of the 3DS’s launch titles… except for odd cases like Ridge Racer 3D, which came out in North America five days before its system.

March 28 – Mario Party Advance comes out in North America.

On March 28, 2005, Marty Party game to the Game Boy Advance in North America with the release of Mario Party Advance. While technically a Mario Party game, this unusual entry in the series was almost exclusively a single-player game, with only a small amount of multiplayer content.

March 31 – Doom 64 is released.

Finally, March 31 is the anniversary of the only Nintendo-exclusive Doom game. On March 31, 1997, Doom 64 was released for the Nintendo 64. Handled by a different developer, Doom 64 was set after the events of Final Doom. A sequel was also planned, but was eventually cancelled.

In Conclusion

These are just a few of the events in Nintendo’s history we have to celebrate this week. What are your favorites?

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