The Alliance Alive – The Recon Guild Tower [Nintendo 3DS | Atlus]

The Alliance Alive – The Recon Guild Tower [Nintendo 3DS | Atlus]

Product provided by Atlus.

Join Eddy as he previews The Alliance Alive for the Nintendo 3DS!

The game launches in North America on March 27th!

General Info About the Game:

-The Alliance Alive is a standalone RPG developed by FuRyu, makers of The Legend of Legacy and The Caligula Effect.

-Story / character development is a major focus – the game includes 9 (maybe more!) playable characters; up to 5 characters can participate in a battle at any given time. Characters can be placed in various formations to maximize offense, defense, or support, and a combination of 8 weapon types and unique sorcery and sigil abilities.

-With writing by Yoshitaka Murayama, game design by Kyoji Koizumi, a vision realized by director Masataka Matsuura, and a stunning score delivered by acclaimed composer Masashi Hamauzu, players will experience the nostalgia delivered by these JRPG greats. With gorgeous world exploration, an intertwining story involving nine memorable characters, and strategic, turn-based gameplay mechanics, players won’t want to miss this return to JRPG excellence.

-A demo was released on 2/27 that covers the full prologue. Up to 4,000 TP (talent points) can be transferred from the demo to the full game.


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