Guilt Battle Arena – Review

Guilt Battle Arena – Review

Guilt Battle Arena is a chaotic 2D shooting game that you play with or against friends via local multiplayer.

Bang – Bang – FIRE POWER!… well not quite! The games main mechanic involves the player shooting his or her weapon, however you only ever have one round of ammunition. After you fire a shot, you’ll have to quickly move towards the round to reload before being able to attack again. This makes it all the more challenging as you’ll have to pick the best opportunity to go on the offensive and yet maintain control to dodge enemy attacks.

Aside from the unique shooting mechanic you can jump, double jump, dash left or right, air dash left or right, and also dash downwards while in mid-air. These movements allow you to setup your attacks on the ground and in the air against your enemy. Dashing also allows you to quickly grab your round of ammo back after firing to reload and prepare to continue your offense.

Guilt Battle Arena is really built for playing with or against friends locally. At the moment I’ve only had the opportunity to play alone, but there is still some fun to be had going solo. There are a number of interesting game modes including having to avoid normal enemies but also chickens that get dropped at random intervals from above. Yes, it rains chickens! Other modes include having to avoid or shoot to destroy cats. Not to worry as the cats have a robotic appearance to them.. they are evil! A couple of other modes include avoiding cannon balls fired from cannons on either side of the stage and even fooling a homing missile to miss you and hit your enemy instead.

Each mode offers something a bit different and presents a variety of challenges in unique settings such as a church, factory, forest, barn, and more. Since I was playing alone, I simply had to try and get as many kills as possible as wave after wave of enemies came from either side of the stage, either on the ground or in the air. Enemies will increase in numbers and speed as you progress and rack up kills. You have 3 hearts for health and each time you take a hit, you lose one. It’s important to keeping moving and watch all directions so you can have a safe opportunity to recapture your ammo and continue getting the kills.

There area a handful of characters to chose from, each with their own unique look and as you play and improve your numbers, you can unlock even more costumes. There are over 35 costumes to unlock and one of my favorite so far is the nun. It’s silly to see a nun shooting a gun.. especially in the church setting. The game doesn’t take itself seriously and that is what makes for some off the wall fun.

Guilt Battle Arena does have that addictive nature to it where you want to keep trying to best your score after you die. I tried many of the modes at least 3 times during my initial game-play and it’s that habit of wanting to just try one more time to best my own score.

As previously mentioned, there is fun to be had here even if you play solo but it’s highly recommend you grab some friends and family as co-op and versus is certainly something that will make this game shine. 1 or 2 can play co-op and 2 to 4 can play in versus. You can choose a number of settings when playing in versus mode including options like multi-bullets, jet packs, trampolines, and more. These extra options can really spice up the gameplay in versus battles.

Versus features some game modes not seen in co-op such as capture the flag with cannons and a game of ‘hot potato’ with a bomb. If you’re planning on having friends over for a game night be sure to boot up Guilt Battle Arena as the game is easy to access for all skill levels and the games are quick but action packed.

Overall Guilt Battle Arena is a fun and quirky game that has the opportunity to create fierce battles pitting you against your friends on your couch at home. The developer noted there is going to be a big update in April too adding even more features including the addition of bots in versus mode, a battle arena option, a voting system which will allow a choice of 3 game modes and settings, plus additions to co-op!

With the coming update in April and the price of only $9.99 currently in the Nintendo Switch eShop I recommend adding this game to your library as the game oozes fast paced and fun game-play that makes it worth so much more with or without friends… but if you have friends. LIGHT ‘EM UP!

Thanks to fortyseven for providing the product for review.

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