The Longest 5 Minutes – Nintendo Switch – REVIEW

The Longest 5 Minutes – Nintendo Switch – REVIEW

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The Longest 5 Minutes released on the Nintendo Switch not long ago and I have completed a full let’s play of the game which will be publishing to our YouTube channel later this month.

The game is set in a classic 8-bit style setting and features classic RPG game-play. The game starts off however in a very unusual scenario where you, the hero are in a final battle against an evil overlord… aka The Demon King. The problem is you have no idea why you’re there, who you are, or even who you are fighting. This sets up the entire game as you’ll have to unravel all of these questions and gain your memory back.

As you regain your memory and complete quests, you’re thrown right back into the final battle, watching it play out. There is a clock that appears in the upper right during this time which shows your progress and this is indeed why the battle appears to be “the longest 5 minutes”.

As you move forward in the game, the characters learn of a mysterious purple fog overtaking towns, villages, and many areas throughout. This fog is turning all life, things, objects into demons. From normal mice, wine barrels, pianos, fish, and more.

The over-world consists of 3 main regions and  they have a considerable number of towns, villages, dungeons, and other areas such as towers, ports etc. You play as the hero named Flash who meets up with three friends; Yuzu, Regent, and Clover. Between them you have the typical RPG virtues from strong physical attacks, magic, healing etc.

The games dialogue does a fine job at giving each character a bit of personality as you progress through the game. There are times where you see relationships building… maybe even young love interests, and you really get a good understanding of what makes each character unique.

In regards to game-play mechanics you can expect your typical RPG experience. There are a large variety of enemies throughout the land but none really pose much of a big threat. The game seemed fairly easy and there was only a couple of times I died mostly due to stupid errors on my part.

The settings in towns and dungeons are quite nice and the variety is enough to keep things interesting which helps make each location seem special. A few standout to me including a small Winery which is off the beaten path and a gambling town complete with slot machines and card tables. You can even try your hand at a couple mini games that are scattered about. Most include a small arcade shoot ’em up, and the slot machine. Try getting all 7’s! I had no luck.

To gain bonus experience in the game, you must progress the story and clear missions/quest. You can find your way by always looking for the ! above a characters head, but it’s important to try and talk to everyone if you can. You’ll learn more about each area, the people, and they will often shine a bit of light on what to expect down the road.

Overall, I really enjoyed world and the characters. There were some memorable moments either directly within dialogue that made me laugh, and some fun battles including one against a Killer Piano. The last third of the game felt a bit slow, especially the last hour where the story is really trying to wrap itself up. During this time, you are not doing all that much besides regaining memories and watching it all play out. Briefly you do take control of another character in game but this is just to give you more story and understanding of how everything occurred.

A fun aspect about this game is there are three possible endings. I have only played the one ending at this point, but it was an enjoyable conclusion and I look forward to seeing the other scenarios. The game does present you with some tough decisions later on, from characters in your party either staying or going, and how the final battle against The Demon King finishes.

I was a bit disappointed that the final battle doesn’t take place in real time but it does stay consistent from start to finish in regards to the longest 5 minutes battle. Also, having three unique endings, a real time battle may not have really been possible.

It took me about 20 or so hours to complete, give or take a few hours as I recorded all of my game-play. I’d gather you can expect a solid 15 hours of gaming.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the overall experience and story. The characters were cute and charming at times and I felt the towns, villages, and dungeons offered a solid variety to keep my interest. If anything, I wish the game would of offered a bit more difficulty and maybe trim out some dialogue nearing the conclusion and allow the player to do a bit more. With that said, if you enjoy classic RPG’s, a good story, and a world where you can battle against killer pianos.. I recommend it!



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  1. It sounds like you are much, MUCH more favorable toward this game than I was. XD (I was looking forward to it, too, but it just didn’t work for me.)

  2. Yeah I think it’s a cute little game but with a few apparent flaws. The lack of anything posing a real challenge in game, and a few areas that just felt like mazes are more of the negatives that stuck out.

    I also played the game on a quest to quest basis which kept each playtime around a half hour give or take, I can see gameplay getting boring if someone is playing much longer sessions at a time.

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