Bayonetta 2 – Livestream Intro Aftermath

Bayonetta 2 – Livestream Intro Aftermath

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After having live-streamed Bayonetta last Friday (late) and continued to record uploads for the YouTube channel, I wanted to give viewers a taste of Bayonetta 2. Having never finished the first game, my plans are to do a full let’s play of it, while chipping away at Bayonetta 2 later on. I did indeed finish Bayonetta 2 when it first released on the Wii U years back.

Playing both games seemingly at the same time, the differences are clear from the start. Bayonetta 2 is simply insane. The prologue felt like something you’d play through to close out a game. The action is more epic and intense but another thing stood out a bit more. Colors. The palette of colors used in Bayonetta 2 is simply stunning compared to the original which looks overly brown and sort of muddy at times. Clearly this may have something to do with the environments, but it could also be that one game is a few years older. Styles change, games change.. but you can’t go wrong. Both titles keep the action flowing while allowing for some exploration and the characters are just as crazy as the battles.

These are just a few thoughts I’ve had while playing both games for the channel after not having played the series since 2014.


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