An Interview With the Developers of Layers of Fear: Legacy

An Interview With the Developers of Layers of Fear: Legacy

Layers of Fear: Legacy is a psychedelic horror game coming to the Switch on February 21. If you haven’t already seen the latest trailer, check it out now, and then read on to learn more about the game.

We got in touch with the developers of Layers of Fear: Legacy to learn more about this horror game and what the Switch version will be like.

Rather than survival horror or psychological horror, Layers of Fear is described as “psychedelic horror.” Could you shed a little light on what you mean by this?

The game is often described as both psychological and psychedelic. Psychological because of issues presented in the game, psychedelic because of the gameplay nature of the game – an ever-changing environment, that in a way simulates a descent into the madness. The game has a lot of moments that bend reality, making Layers of Fear a unique mad-ride through a ‘trippy’ world that is heavily grounded in a reality familiar to everyone.

For its Switch release, Layers of Fear has a new subtitle, “Legacy.” Does this mean it is more than just a port? Will it include the Inheritance DLC?

Legacy has been redesigned to make the best out of Nintendo Switch’s unique features, including the use of HD Rumble, Joy-Con support, and even touchscreen. We indeed treat it as a legacy of the IP we have developed, but we made it a more tactile experience that will improve on the player’s immersion, hence the new name. It will include the Inheritance DLC.

Ever since Nintendo announced HD Rumble, we’ve been excited about how HD Rumble could be used in horror games. How are the Switch’s special features being used for Layers of Fear: Legacy?

Probably the one feature that will stand out immediately will be the ability to open a door or a drawer by the swing of your hand. We have been working with the rumble feature for some time, trying to tune it to an output that won’t spoil the discreet atmosphere of our horror game with over-rumbling (a reaction you would expect to follow a jump scare), but preserving a distinct tactile experience, while exploring the game’s environment.

Do you have any plans to bring your other games, such as Observer, to the Switch?

We would love to but time will only tell, if we’re able to make it happen. For now we don’t have any news to share on the subject.

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers about Layers of Fear: Legacy?

Layers of Fear: Legacy will in many ways  be superior to its predecessors, also the ability to play the game in an old abandoned house or a dark and scary basement will only increase the ways in which the game can scare the player, if he is willing to gain that new experience.

In Conclusion

We’re happy we had this chance to learn more about Layers of Fear: Legacy. What are your thoughts on this horror title? Let us know in the comments.

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