An Interview With the Developers of Feudal Alloy

An Interview With the Developers of Feudal Alloy

A couple weeks ago, we learned about Feudal Alloy, an upcoming action game from Attu Games featuring fishbowl-powered robots. Sound interesting? It’s coming to the Switch, so take a look at the teaser trailer if you haven’t already seen it.

After the announcement, we got in touch with Attu Games to learn more about Feudal Alloy.

Feudal Alloy shows an unusual juxtaposition of robots in a medieval world. What inspired you to bring these two styles together?

We had our fish-robot characters and we thought what environment we could put them in. We wanted something uncommon and weird, so we came up with a crazy medieval world in the far future where the fish built mechanical bodies from relics of lost human civilizations.

I think it could make the game stand out a bit.

Why are the robots powered by fish? Is the character actually a fish, operating a robot body?

Yes, exactly. The fish is actually the main character operating a robot body which allows it to move on the ground.

I don’t remember where the idea originally came from. I was just sketching some characters and we really liked this one. So we decided to build a whole game about that. That was the beginning of Feudal Alloy.

Feudal Alloy describes itself as a Metroidvania-style action RPG and appears to have a 2D hack-and-slash combat style. In terms of gameplay, what games would you compare it to?

Our main goal is to make a fun game where you smash a lot of different types of enemies, collect a lot of stuff, and discover secret areas. So I would say the main games we took our inspiration from are, for example, Hollow Knight, Guacamelee, and Momodora.

The trailer includes a conversation featuring dialogue balloons with little animations in them. Does this mean there is no written dialogue in the game?

Yes, exactly. I think Feudal Alloy could stand out from the sea of indie games because of these little differences. We don’t like the huge amount of text in dialogues in some RPGs, which in fact most players skip and don’t even read.

We hope our animated bubbles will be more fun, even though it’s much more difficult than just localizing some text.

It also looks like there is a skill tree. How do the RPG elements come into play?

Yes, there are some classic RPG elements in the game. But we are newbies and definitely not experienced with this kind of game, so we don’t want to try bring some amazing new innovative elements. We’d rather stick with classic gameplay stuff. There will be some unlockable character skills which allow the player to reach new paths and places, collecting scrap from enemies for getting levels and unlocking stuff in the skill trees, and finding and buying weapons and body parts which change your stats as well as appearance.

Is Feudal Alloy story-driven, or is it primarily focused on gameplay?

It’s definitely more focused on gameplay. We are not good writers but I think we are able to make the game fun without some super deep emotional story. We are trying to build a game where the player enjoys smashing mechanical creatures and discovering the vast world and its secrets.

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers about Feudal Alloy?

We would be happy if readers who find Feudal Alloy interesting follow us on social networks so they won’t miss any news from development.

And don’t hesitate to ask or give us any advice about the game. We need it and we fixed many bugs and made a lot of game elements much better based on the feedback from players we’ve gotten so far.

Thank you.

In Conclusion

What do you think of Feudal Alloy? Let us know your thoughts on this upcoming game in the comments below.

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