Genres the Switch is Still Lacking

Genres the Switch is Still Lacking

The Switch has been a huge success so far, and there are already games from many different genres available for it. It’s building up a good line-up of RPGs, visual novels are on the rise (at least in Japan), and it’s even getting more and more horror games. Still, there are some genres it’s lacking. Here are a few areas where the Switch could use more support.

Card Games


We don’t mean more games like Uno or Shephy, but rather collectible card games and competitive card games, the sorts of digital card games that have risen in popularity over the past few years. Gwent, Hearthstone, a new Pokémon TCG video game, a new Yu-Gi-Oh game… the Switch feels like a good fit for this sort of gameplay thanks to its portability, but there’s a definite lack of card games available.

(Speaking of cards, I wait every day for a new Baten Kaitos announcement… but that’s not quite the sort of card game we’re talking about here.)

Racing Sims

The Switch has a few kart racing games and arcade racing games already, but what about racing simulators, the ones that try to provide a realistic racing experience? So far it only has Gear.Club Unlimited. Some fans feel the lack of analog triggers make racing sims on the Switch impossible, but there are ways to get around that.

Real-Time Strategy

The Switch has begun to build a small collection of turn-based strategy games and tactical RPGs, but the same can’t be said for real-time strategy games. RTS games often have difficulty adapting their controls for use on consoles, but the ability to use the touchscreen in portable mode might help mitigate that. 8-Bit Armies was announced for the Switch, and Pikmin 4 is coming eventually (right?) if you consider it an RTS, but aside from that, there’s not much out there.

In Conclusion

What genres do you think are underrepresented on the Switch? What genres do you want to see more games from? Let us know in the comments.


Samantha is a published horror and fantasy writer, a professional freelance writer, and a longtime gamer. As a result, writing about games is one of her favorite activities. She likes a wide range of genres, especially RPGs, survival horror, and visual novels. More information can be found at her website:

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