January 14 – January 20: This Week in Nintendo News

January 14 – January 20: This Week in Nintendo News

Last week turned out to be an exciting one for Nintendo fans thanks to the sudden mini Nintendo Direct, and this week also had some unexpected announcements.

Nintendo Labo

Nintendo has announced Nintendo Labo for the Switch, a line of “build-and-play” experiences in which you build special cardboard peripherals from “Toy-Con” kits and then use the Nintendo Labo software to play games with them on your Switch. It’s certainly an unusual idea, and not quite what anyone was expecting. Take a look.

So far, Nintendo has announced two Toy-Con kits. Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit will cost $69.99 and include the Variety Kit software and all of the materials needed for five Toy-Con projects: 2 RC cars, 1 fishing rod, 1 house, 1 motorbike, and 1 piano. Toy-Con-02: Robot Kit will cost $79.99 and include the Robot Kit software and all of the materials needed for a wearable robot suit. The games available depend on the project you’ve assembled.

Both Toy-Con kits will be available on April 20, and children ages 6-12 are invited to sign up for special events in February and March to try out Nintendo Labo. Visit the official website for full details about Nintendo Labo.

Nintendo Switch News

Gunhouse, a game which combines tower defense gameplay with puzzle elements, is now available on the eShop for $14.99. This enhance version of Gunhouse includes additional enemies and stages, new story content, a harder difficulty level, and more. Check out the trailer below to see how it combines its two genres.

In Japan, the arcade shooter Zero Gunner 2 is also available from the eShop, with arcade shooter Strikers 1945 II planned for January 25.

Next, Scribblenauts Showdown has been confirmed! The newest entry in the puzzle-action series will challenge your creativity on March 6. In addition to the traditional Sandbox mode, it will also feature a four-player competitive Showdown mode and a two-player Versus mode, both of which feature mini-games. You’ll also be able to create and customize your own Scribblenaut character. Check out the announcement trailer.

A Switch version of Night in the Woods has also been revealed for February 1. It will include all of the content from the recent director’s cut. Night in the Woods is a story-driven adventure game that focuses on exploration and character interactions. For a better sense of the game’s style, take a look at the announcement trailer.

D3 Publisher has announced a lineup of games coming to the Switch as downloadable titles. They are TennisBilliard, Escape Trick: 35 Fateful Enigmas, The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya, and The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya. Tennis and Billiard are exactly what they sound like, Escape Trick looks like some sort of mystery game, and the two Men of Yoshiwara titles are both otome games. According to the announcement, all of these games will be released in both English and Japanese.

The rhythm game Musynx, originally a mobile game, will be coming to the Switch both physically and digitally this spring. It will feature over 50 songs at launch and multiple difficulty modes.Take a look at the Switch announcement trailer to see how this one plays.

Next, the hack-and-slash action RPG Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy is coming to the Switch eShop on January 25 for $9.99. It originally came out in 2014 for the Vita. Take a look at the Switch trailer below. (Although the trailer is in Japanese, the game will be available in English as well.)

Three games from CyberStep are coming to the Switch in Japan: the MMORPG Onigiri, the competitive action game GetAmped Mobile, and a newly-announced game called Akatsuki no Eiyuu: Breakers. Localization for these versions has yet to be announced.

Another game coming to the Switch in Japan is SD Gundam G Generation Genesis, which will include all of the DLC from previous releases of the game. Early purchases will also come with a download for Super Gachapon World: SD Gundam X, a Super Famicom title. It will be out on April 26. Localization has yet to be announced.

The world exploration simulator Neo Atlas 1469 is coming to the Switch on April 19. Although no western release for the Switch version has been announced yet, the Japanese release will have both Japanese and English language support. For a better idea of what a world exploration sim is like, take a look at the Switch overview trailer.

Next, the physical edition of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood will become available on March 23. It will cost $29.99.

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, which includes all three Mercenaries Saga games in a single collection along with improved gameplay features for the Switch, will be out in the west sometime during February. The exact release date has not been announced yet. However, a Japanese trailer is now available.

The Snack World: Trejarers was recently announced for the Switch, and the Switch version will be playable at World Hobby Fair Winter 2018, which starts on January 21. Although localization of The Snack World has been implied, there has yet to be an official announcement.

Murasaki, who was announced as  DLC character for Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura back in December, will be available on January 18. There has still been no localization news about the game.

A gameplay trailer is now out for Masters of Anima, an action game coming out this spring. Check out the trailer to see how you’ll use your Anima powers to summon Guardians and fight your enemies.

While we still don’t have a western release date for Gal Gun 2 beyond “spring,” Rice Digital has announced a special “Free Hugs Edition” of the game. It will cost $99.99 and include the game, an official art book, an official soundtrack CD, a “Mr. Happiness” plushie, a pin-badge set, and a double-sided gaming accessories pouch, all in a special collector’s box.

You can also watch the opening movie for the Japanese version.

There is also a new trailer available for Your Four Knight Princess Training Story, which is due out in Japan on March 8. No localization news has been announced yet.

The developers of Disc Jam, an action sports game that will be out for the Switch on February 8, announced that in addition to online multiplayer, it will support local wireless multiplayer with up to three other Switch consoles. Online multiplayer will also include cross-platform play with the PC version.

There is also an official trailer out now for Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, which contains the full content from both previous versions, along with two new bonus costumes. Take a look.

Koei Tecmo also released a Switch gameplay trailer for Attack on Titan 2. If you’re interested in seeing how it plays on the Switch ahead of its March 20 launch, take a look at the trailer below.

Moving on to updates, version 2.2.0 is now available for Splatoon 2. This update includes numerous bug fixes and tweaks. To see the full patch notes, go here and click Ver. 2.2.0.

Next, the upcoming Extra Pack 2 DLC for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will include Jiren and the Dragon Ball Super version of Android 17 as playable characters, along with Fu, who was announced recently. Xenoverse 2 is also set to receive a free update that adds a special skill called Overlimit, a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan transformation for the player avatar, and swimsuit costumes for Android 18 and Videl.

And the New Quests Pack DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is now available. It adds five new side quests to the game, along with another Helpful Items Pack. Meanwhile, the version 1.2.0 update is available as well. This update implements a few fixes and adjustments, while also making it possible to skip voiced segments in the menu. For the full patch notes, go here and click Ver. 1.2.0. However, while it isn’t in the patch notes, this update also removes the “Think you can take me?!” battle dialogue, much to the dismay of fans who found it funny.

Nintendo 3DS News

Last week, we discussed Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux as one of the biggest upcoming 3DS games of 2018, and now we have a release date for it. It will be out on May 15 in the Americas and May 18 in Europe.

In Conclusion

What are your favorite announcements from this week? What are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.

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