5 In-Game Holiday Events to Enjoy This Season

5 In-Game Holiday Events to Enjoy This Season

Whether you take advantage of holiday breaks to get in a little extra gaming time or just want a little Christmas cheer in your video games, in-game holiday events are always exciting. Here are five games with special holiday events that you can check out this year!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

If you’ve been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf this month, the villagers might have already hinted about what they want for Toy Day, December 24 (and you may have seen a Santa Claus outfit for sale, too). On December 24, you’ll be able to talk to Jingle at 6 PM about Toy Day and learn that he’d like you handle the gift-giving. So put on your Santa suit and deliver those presents!

Cave Story+ (Switch)

This remake of Cave Story, which came out earlier this year for the Switch, changes the game’s graphics for Halloween and Christmas. Starting on December 24, everything in the game will have a holiday-themed design! Don’t have Cave Story+? The Wii version of Cave Story also makes a change for Christmas, although it isn’t as extensive. Whichever you play, enjoy!

Rocket League (Switch)

If you enjoy the chaotic multiplayer of Rocket League, be sure to join the winter festivities this year with the Rocket League Frosty Fest. The Frosty Fest gives everything a holiday style, adds Snowflakes as an in-game currency to get Event items with, and more! It started on December 11 and will last until January 2, so you still have plenty of time to get in a few Frosty Fest matches.

Portal Nights (Switch)

The online cooperative RPG Portal Knights came out for the Switch near the end of November, and a special Winter Wonderland event began on December 20. This is a special holiday-themed event featuring a new area, special quests, festive items, and other holiday changes. The event will last until January 9, so if you’re planning to give Portal Knights a try, this is an excellent time to do it.

Azure Striker Gunvolt (Switch)

Just announce the other day, a special Christmas Mode is coming to Azure Striker Gunvolt for the Switch (the Striker Pack). In this special mode, which you’ll be able to access from the menu of the first game, ice will cover the ground and presents will fall from the sky, challenging you to collect as many as possible. Christmas Mode will only be accessible on December 24 and 25, so be sure to catch it while it’s live!

In Conclusion

These are 5 holiday events you can take part in this year, but we’re sure there are many more. What in-game events are your favorites?

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