SnipperClips Plus: Cut it Out, Together! (Impressions)

SnipperClips Plus: Cut it Out, Together! (Impressions)

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SnipperClips originally launched with the Nintendo Switch (if I remember correctly) back in March of 2017 as an eShop title. Recently, Nintendo has put together additional content for the game and repackaged all of it’s goodness in both a physical version which can be found in all major retailers and a DLC update which can be purchased if you already own the base game.

SnipperClips Plus is $29.99 retail or $9.99 for the DLC which will bring your original game up to speed with all of fresh content. SnipperClips Plus takes the snipping and clipping into overdrive with new worlds to conquer and interactive modes to show-off your creativity.

In addition to the three worlds already in the base game, the Plus version adds in both the Cosmic Comics and Toy Box Worlds. These new worlds offer up really interesting puzzles and challenges as you’d expect. The snipping/cutting is just as important as before and of course you can utilize all of the other mechanics like in the previous worlds. Moving, jumping, bouncing, can be just as important when trying to solve the new puzzles.

One to Four players can join in on the fun. While it’s certainly a more social game, there still can be quite an interesting challenge playing solo! One of my favorite puzzles from the new Cosmic Comics world is Broomstick Brew where you have to get three ingredients hanging above into a witches cauldron placed along side the stage. Below is a magical looking sphere which can be used to control a broomstick on the level. Spinning the ball depending how your character leans against it will make the broomstick move left, right, and even up or down.

In essence you can ride the broomstick while your friend uses the other character to pilot it.There is lots of fun to be had here and of course there are more then one way to solve the puzzle. Experiment and see what it’s like doing this puzzle solo, then ask a friend to join you and see how the experience changes!

In Toy Box Worlds a cute puzzle I found is Intersection Interception where you’ll have to manage toy car traffic. To complete this puzzle you have to block or stop specific color toy cars at their intersections such as a yellow bus, and a blue car. This all sounds straightforward however the toy cars will continue to move unless you’re using your character to stop them. While you may have one of the intersections stopped with the appropriate color toy cars, managing the other intersection is where it can all go down hill quickly!

Puzzles like this really make SnipperClips Plus shine. While the puzzle and end result seems easily obtainable… getting there is a different story. There is always an interesting challenge to undertake and when playing with others you’ll find that it’s either a godsend or you worst nightmare. One wrong move or direction given to your friend and you’ll soon find yourself starting from scratch. That’s really the fun part of a puzzle game like this, the social aspect and interaction can often be the memorable part of gaming.

As usual, not all the puzzles are available from the get go as you’ll have to complete and unlock to progress. The two puzzles we covered are just a small snippet (pun intended) of the value you’ll get out of the complete Snipper Clips Plus package! In addition to the new worlds, you have 3 new blitz modes.

Last but not least you’ll find a new mode called, Stamp Mode.This mode is where you can let your creative side shine. It’s a freeform canvas where you take the mechanics of snipping and cutting to create stamps or brushes to draw/color anything you wish. You’ll have access to a wide range of colors and be able to snip and clip your characters as usual to make all of the shapes your heart desires. These in essence become stamps which you can use to stamp the blank canvas to create your masterpiece.

SnipperClips Plus is a fun puzzling package with plenty of content for the price. There is lots of fun to be had here especially with friends. It’s a very interactive and social game and is the perfect addition to your Nintendo Switch library. Recommend!

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