Party Planet – Impressions!

Party Planet – Impressions!

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Just in time! Party Planet arrived for the holidays and makes the perfect stocking stuffer for any Nintendo Switch owner! The Switch has been out for about 9 months and surprisingly there are not many party games out for the system. Party Planet along side 1-2 Switch… really can deliver a memorable 1-2 punch of pure fun with friends and family! It’s available now in the Nintendo Switch eShop and exclusively through GameStop!

Party Planet is bright and colorful right out of the gate. The game loads quick and the menu’s UI is simple and responsive. There are 30 mini games packed into Party Planet for up to 4 players. Some of the games may seem familiar like air hockey, mini golf, etc. The more games you play the more games you’ll unlock, so not everything is available from the start.

The game allows you to favorite certain mini games you grow a liking to and you can easily filter out games. This makes it even easier to navigate to specific games you’ll want to play. The game selection screen is cool with a huge planet in the background. As you scroll between games the planet spins and miniature versions of the games are on the planets landmasses, animated and all. I thought this was a really cool detail and made the experience fun rather then something static.

Learning the games was straightforward and you’re provided details along with control layouts. This is all helpful in jumping into gameplay quickly with a bit of an idea of what to expect. Naturally your first one or two tries may be a huge fail (like mine), but once you’ve played the mini games a few times everything is understood. Most games only use a few control inputs so even someone with little gaming experience can feel at ease.

The games themselves range from easy to very tricky. I appreciates the variety of difficulty across the board. This allows just about everyone access to have fun with the game and yet keep it competitive for all skill levels. I haven’t unlocked all of the games yet, but of the handful I’ve played a few have stuck out.

Mystical Totem is game where you have to chop down your totem through button presses, avoiding poisons and other things that could hurt you. You have to switch sides of the totem as you’re playing to avoid danger. Having only played single player, I can see this games strong point when playing against others, but I still enjoyed it.

Another game that stuck out is, Bouncing Fish. You control a fish within an aquarium. You can speed up and slow down, and hit the A button to swim up and down. You are free to bounce off the walls but be on the look out for spikes appearing and disappearing at random. You’ll also have to compete with other dangerous things popping up in the aquarium from time to time. The goal is to stay alive and keep collecting the glowing orbs to score higher.

These are just a couple of games that stood out to me. Again, I had a fun time playing solo but I am really looking forward to spending time over the holidays playing with family. It’s really the perfect game to break out and play. Anyone of any age can pickup the controls and concept and the challenge is on! Recommended!


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