Plantera DX – Impressions!

Plantera DX – Impressions!

Plantera DX – Nintendo Switch

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Plantera DX is available in the Nintendo Switch eShop! Plantera has been on Steam for a while but Switch owners have been graced with the DX version of the game.

Plantera DX is a fast paced farming game… or gardening game in which your main goal is to grow your garden, harvest it’s crops, all while keeping pesky wild animals away. The game eases you in rather then throwing you to the wolves. You start with a simple carrot patch and a blue character who becomes your helper. In short time your carrots grow large enough where it’s time to harvest and turn them into profit!

In gameplay, you move around a white cursor with the left stick and use the A button for actions. Hovering over a fully grown carrot and clicking A will harvest it, hitting A again will exchange it for currency. It’s as easy as that.  The little blue helper I mentioned earlier will help you harvest your crops as well, but it’s important not to solely rely on them. They are merely a helper and it’s up to you to rake in money as fast as possible. Once crops are ready, harvest them and get the money!

You’ll soon begin unlocking other types of crops to plant, this happens through earning enough money and growing your farm. The game refers to everything as a garden, but for the sake of this article I’ll continue using the word farm. Some other crops to plan are pumpkins, and bushes which can grow all sorts of berries like blueberries and strawberries. You’ll also eventually have access to planting large trees to grow apples, pears, and more! As your farm grows, extra blue helpers will appear and get right to work.

In a game like this I felt the controls might hamper my enjoyment as I could see this game working better on a purely touch control basis, however I was pleasantly surprised that the controls were responsive and worked well. I played the game docked using the pro controller and all of my inputs felt accurate and timely.

The game gets addicting the more your farm grows. Soon enough you’ll have livestock such as chickens, and even a dog or two which can act as a deterrent against wild foxes. The dogs will let out a cute bark or two and sort of patrol around your garden left and right. Aside from wild foxes, you’ll have to content with wild birds dive bombing your berries or other crops and flying away with them. It’s important to keep an eye on things. Looking back at my initial game-play, I missed dive bombing birds a couple of times. Lost crops is lost money!

When hovering over a wild animal that is targeting your farm, you can simply use the control stick to hover over it. The cursor will change to a hammer in which you can click the A button once or twice which should be enough to chase them away.

Plantera DX has a lot more to offer, this is simply a small little taste of what to expect. If you like farming type games with a fast paced arcade feel, this game is for you. You’ll find yourself sucked into it’s charm and colorful graphics within the first few minutes. It really can get addicting quick!

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