The End is Nigh – Nicalis (Impressions)

The End is Nigh – Nicalis (Impressions)

Thanks to Nicalis for providing a copy of this game!

This game releases for the Nintendo Switch on December 12th!

The End is Nigh is a well constructed action platforming game set in an apocalyptic video game world featuring Ash a small brownish blob who streams video games. The End is Nigh starts off with an interesting scene of Ash streaming a retro style game with the same title. When his player dies in game, the game crashes and Ash tries to remedy the situation NES style. (Blowing into the cart) Not having any luck, he realizes that he is the sole survivor and ventures off to see what this world is all about.

The main goal of The End is Nigh is to traverse stages and clear obstacles such as pits, spikes, and more. Along the way, you can collect items such as tumors and video game carts which unlock mini games. Each stage is a “screen” in this video game world and there are a ton of them. Over 600 stages or levels, each interconnected making the game really flow. The game can be addicting because of this, and I felt myself wanting to continue to try and complete a few more time and time again.

The End is Nigh also features other hidden collectibles and has more then one ending. From the very first stage, I could tell this game would continue to draw my attention and consume my time. The controls feel so good and are very responsive. When I died by miss timing a jump and falling into spikes, or into the abyss, I knew it was simply my fault and not that of the game. If you’ve played a Nicalis game before, you’ll understand what I mean. Their games control very well and with platforming like this it’s one of the most important things to take into consideration.

The games writing and graphics feel cohesive making the overall experience fun and enjoyable. It’s gritty and fast paced although you can certainly take your time in some of the stages, others you’ll have to keep up your momentum and rhythm to time your jumps, cling onto hooks, and avoid all of the moving obstacles in your path. The game can be very rewarding as well. There were times I had to replay some levels many times, but once i finally cleared them, it felt great.

Aside from spikes, you’ll have various spikey enemies making your path much more difficult and challenging. There are also moving platforms, some that break away and entire areas that fall. Timing your jumps and clinging to sides of the walls is a must. You get a good sense of danger at times when you have a narrow window of time to make that last ditch effort to complete the stage.

As mentioned earlier, there are things to collect but there is also dialogue with apparently dead souls. If you move near a grave, you can hit the Y button which will bring up some funny dialogue, sometimes dark and witty. There are sometimes helpful tips hidden in the dialogue to help you along the way.

The music and graphics are stellar and playing docked or in handheld mode kept the experience feeling the same. Some games I’d rather played docked and others in portable mode, however this game works well for me in both cases.

To conclude, the game is another must have in my collection. It’s a fun game that has a dark and gritty sense of humor and a game that becomes addicting the more you play. Highly Recommended.




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