Mario Party: The Top 100 – Impressions

Mario Party: The Top 100 – Impressions

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Nintendo was kind enough to send over a digital copy of Mario Party: The Top 100. I live streamed the game twice and have recorded a number of episodes which will be uploaded on our YouTube channel in time.

Having spent a number of hours with the game, I have to admit… it’s my favorite Mario Party game of recent years. The 3DS has been graced with three Mario Party games: Island Tour, Star Rush, and of course Mario Party 100. Mario Party games are still very popular even if a number of fans have not liked certain mechanics of the latter entries in the series ie; Mario Party 10 and Island Tour.

The reason I think Mario Party: The Top 100 will resonate with many is nostalgia. The game is chocked full of 100 mini games from some of the best games in the series. The mini games are organized by console such as: Nintend 64, Game Cube, and Wii & Wii U. You’ll also see the mini games organized further into categories such as the Action Pack, Sports, Brainy etc.

There are a handful of modes from Mini Game Island (single player mode) where you try and progress through the Worlds unlocking mini games. There’s also Mini Game Match where you’ll challenge three cpu’s on small game board picking up coins, playing mini games, and trying to rack up as many stars as possible. In addition to these modes, you’ll find Championship Battle, Decathlon, and a few other ways to play.

The variety in modes is great and offers up a small change in game play. Obviously this game is really all about the collection of mini games from past entries and that’s the true highlight here. While playing, it was fun seeing some of my favorite mini games pop up during gameplay and some others which I either had forgotten about, or never played before. If there’s a mini game you like, you can simply favorite it by pressing X. This will allow you to easily find the ones you like the most.

Unfortunately there is no online play but Mario Party: The Top 100 does offer download play for up to 4 people. The game supports amiibo and they can unlock new characters, get coins, restore a life, etc. I haven’t used amiibo in game myself at this point, but I think it could be a bit of extra fun doing so in the future.

Overall Mario Party: The Top 100 really is addicting.  The gameplay in all of the modes keeps a good pace and allows the mini games to truly shine through, that’s the real star here. Highly Recommended!



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