Three Food-Filled Switch Games for Your Thanksgiving Feast

Three Food-Filled Switch Games for Your Thanksgiving Feast

Today is Thanksgiving for our readers in the United States, and that typically means a large holiday meal. But whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving with a feast or just like to read about food, let’s take a look at three food-filled Nintendo Switch games you can use to create virtual feasts.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda isn’t exactly a cooking series, but Breath of the Wild introduced a cooking mechanic that lets you combine ingredients in a cooking pot to make meals that restore your health or provide other beneficial effects. While there isn’t much actual cooking involved, choosing the right ingredients for useful meals actually inspired some fans to become more interested in real world cooking.


If Breath of the Wild’s cooking is too relaxed for you, maybe you’d prefer the intense action of Overcooked, a cooperative cooking game that puts players up against various challenges as they try to full their customers’ orders. This cooking game isn’t one for relaxation, but rather one that will have you frantically preparing ingredients and overcoming the level’s challenges. While you can play alone, it’s also a great game to play with your friends.

Battle Chef Brigade

Finally, the newly-released Battle Chef Brigade combines monster-hunting with match-3 cooking as you hunt dangerous monsters for ingredients and then combine them into fantastic meals to impress the judges of a cooking tournament. Not only will you get to select your ingredients, but you’ll also get to see what strange, monstrous meals you create… all while competing to join a legion of warrior chefs.

In Conclusion

These three Switch games will let you sit down and craft new meals… even though you can’t actually taste them. What games are your favorites for cooking in-game food? And to those who are celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving!

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