DOOM! Impressions. – Nintendo Switch | Bethesda

DOOM! Impressions. – Nintendo Switch | Bethesda

DOOM launched just a few days ago and I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy from Bethesda. I spent a lot of time with the game from the campaign and diving into many of the online modes. Here are some impressions I’ve had over the last several days.

It’s DOOM! Finally Nintendo hardware is graced with the epic franchise once again. It’s been quite a long time… since DOOM 64 I believe. DOOM came out for other platforms in 2016 and was a throwback to the original game. It received great reviews for going back to it’s roots with lots of fast paced demon killing action.

The port which was done by Panic Button is excellent. It’s amazing to see the game running on the Nintendo Switch hardware and it plays great. Even with the framerate cut back to 30 fps, resolution, and other technical cutbacks the game itself still holds up. The experience DOOM had given to gamers in 2016 can now be experienced in 2017 on the Nintendo Switch.

All of the stuff for DOOM has been brought over to the Nintendo Switch minus the level editor. The campaign mode is excellent and very engaging. Level designs are incredible and vary a good amount from outdoor red desert areas to indoor locations, and more. The enemy AI is crazy and it gives you an incredible feeling of never knowing what might be around the next corner.

Gameplay in general felt smooth and responsive. There are settings for the controls and display options too allowing you to adjust according to your needs. I set gamma to 1.3 which looked fine. Default was at 0.8 if i remember correctly and it was too dark. Aside from some framerate drops in high enemy count areas, the game still felt fast and in my control.

Online was well populated by users and the dedicated servers didn’t give me any major connection issues. There are tons of online modes from Team based gameplay, Free for All, and more. Aside from online you have a crazy arcade mode where the idea is to get the highest score possible. Leaderboards are setup allowing you to see where you rank with others.

These are just some random thoughts I’ve had on the game thus far. I recommend it highly. DOOM is the perfect fit for the Switch and is a genre the platform needed. Support the Bethesda and Panic Buttons effort and get yourself a copy of DOOM on the Nintendo Switch! See you in game!


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