Hands-On Impressions – Ittle Dew 2+ for Nintendo Switch by Nicalis

Hands-On Impressions – Ittle Dew 2+ for Nintendo Switch by Nicalis

Nicalis was kind enough to send over an advanced review code for the upcoming puzzle adventure game titled: Ittle Dew 2+. It arrives on the Nintendo Switch November 14th.

Having spent some time with the game thus far I can already tell this is yet another gem from Nicalis. The games premise is based around adventurer Ittle and Tippsie who is an animal friend (fox). The duo can freely explore around the world and are in search of 8 boards to rebuild their raft.

The game features a charming and colorful graphic style which is easy on the eyes and makes the game come alive. Through tons of breakable objects and a wide array of enemies across the land, the game gives you a sense of exploration right from the start. The dungeons within the game are beautifully crafted and feature entertaining and sometimes tricky puzzles. I enjoy a good challenge and the game doesn’t hold your hand to much. Littered across the land are secrets and hints to help you on your journey.

The game allows you to complete the dungeons in just about any order you wish. This adds extra replay value as I can see myself going back and trying to complete the game differently. Aside from the unique enemies mentioned previous, you also get a nice variety of boss battles within each dungeon. The mechanics and gameplay felt cohesive which helped make the battles something to look forward to.

There are only a handful of weapons in the game, but you can upgrade them. I do like the overall simplicity of the weapons as well ranging from a stick, to a magic staff, etc. The weapons also have a 2nd purpose with some allowing the ability to help solve puzzles.

There are also collectibles which apparently can unlock additional “secret” dungeons adding even more value to the game. The soundtrack is also very polished and adds a lot to the charming cartoon vibe the game portrays.

Nicalis is publishing so many gems on the Nintendo Switch, don’t let Ittle Dew 2+ sneak past you! Highly Recommended!

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